Harnwell Senior Staff

Senior staff consists of Faculty Director Dr. Kent Bream, House Dean Courtney Dombroski, College House Fellow Dr. Adriana Perez, College House Fellow Ivanco Talevski and House Coordinator, Michelle Mullen. These people are University faculty and staff who coordinate the advisors on the floors and keep Harnwell running smoothly.

Kent Bream

Faculty Director

Adriana Perez

College House Fellow

Ivanco Talevski

College House Fellow

Michelle Mullen

House Coordinator

Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates

Resident Advisors: RA for short. Undergraduate students selected for their unique qualifications, academic excellence, participation in University and community activities. They stand out in their interest in being leaders in the college house community and offering peer support to their residents. 

Graduate Associates: GA for short. Like an RA but with some extras. The GAs are selected from a variety of graduate programs and as such they bring a slightly different perspective to the College House. Their advanced academic and professional backgrounds enable them to nurture academic and co-curricular interests in the House, with their programming often reflecting their own particular studies. 

Samantha Hernandez

15th Floor
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Gabe Salgado

10th Floor

Kelly Yang

Residential Advisor
11th Floor

Du'aa Moharram

7th Floor

Gregory Koutnik

2nd Floor

Nora Tan

17th Floor -- Cultures Collective

Annie Zhao

18th floor -- East Asia House: Cultures Collective

Divyansh Agarwal

Graduate Associate
22nd Floor

Stephanie Mark

Graduate Associate
6th Floor

Jordain Mann

Resident Advisor (RA)
9th Floor

Marc Nagib

23rd Floor

Kaylah Walton

3rd Floor

Theresa Dierkes

13th Floor -- Arts House

Bruno Saconi

Graduate Assistant
20th Floor -- International Program:Cultures Collective

Rebeca Sanchez

16th Floor -- Latin American Residential Program: Cultures Collective

Kathryn Kelley

12th Floor

Lisette Enumah

24th Floor
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Alexi Chacon

19th Floor -- Cultures Collective

Abraham Moussako

4th Floor

Samantha Friskey

1st Floor -- Eco-House

Jennifer Chou

8th Floor

Shaashi Ahlawat

14th Floor

Victor Diaz

5th Floor

Lien Morcate

Residential Advisor
21st Floor

House Managers

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Kimberly Batista

Newsletter Corespondent