Harnwell Resources and Polices



Policies in Harnwell are here to guide us (when necessary) regarding safety and civility in our home. As a reminder, all students at Penn are obliged to follow the rules of the university as articulated in The Penn Book. Additionally, as a resident in the College House system, you are bound by the rules articulated by College Houses & Academic Services and Residential Services in the Residential Handbook that you signed electronically when you accepted your housing assignment.

Violations of the policies above and those specific to Harnwell may result in possible fines, probation, expulsion, or recommendation for prosecution within the University conduct syste.

Listed below are additonal rules and reminders that are specific to Harnwell:


Hanging items from the sprinkler heads or pipes in the rooms can actually be dangerous.  These sensitive devices are not designed to function as laundry hangers. If a pipe breaks, the consequence has often been a flood of water that can damage belongings, property, or even people.

Throwing ANYTHING out the window is prohibited and can be quite unsafe. Flicking ashes, dumping water, or even tossing cushions out the window is considered a serious offense that could result in permanent expulsion from living in University housing.

Additional locks may not be added to any door that did not originally have locks upon move in.  Residents will be fined for unauthorized additional locks, and the locks will be removed immediately.

One’s own PennCard must be presented upon entering the building.  When signing in any guests, PennCards must also be shown to staff at the front desk.  Using another student’s PennCard constitutes identity theft and will result in the confiscation of the PennCard by either security or staff.

Any guests signed into Harnwell are the responsibility of the hosting Harnwellian.  Residents are discouraged from signing in anyone whom they do not know.  A random person who says he or she wants to see a friend or simply a person who has lost a room key must find a true sponsor.  All Harnwell hosts are, in fact, required to stay with their guest.  Unfortunately, we have had some incidents of crime when students have signed in people at the front desk whom they don’t actually know.   Please be careful.  


All on-campus residences adhere to 24 Hour Courtesy hours.Courtesy Hours serve as a reminder to all residents of the primary rights to sleep and study within residential communities.  Residents are expected to exercise courtesy when playing music or participating in other activity that may disrupt other residents and/or interfere with the attempts of others to study.

Quiet hours are in effect at the following times:  11:00 p.m until 9:00 a.m. on weekdays (Sundays through Thursday) and 1:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. on weekends (Friday and Saturday).  Quiet hours are in effect at all times during reading days and finals

Public furniture in the Rooftop, floor lounge, or anywhere outside of a room should remain in place. Suites found with stolen furniture will be both fined and held financially responsible for the replacement value of the item.

Furniture from a room or an apartment must remain in the suite.  Any furniture missing at the year’s end will be billed to residents of the room.

Defacing Harnwell, University, or another resident’s property constitutes vandalism.  Such acts of incivility will be referred immediately to the Office of Student Conduct.  Students may subsequently be removed from the House and be held personally liable for the repair or replacement of damaged property.