College House Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Harnwell College House Research Fellow Shadrack Frimpong on receivingone of the inaugural
President's Engagement Prizes

Read more about Shadrack and his project to establish a community clinic and girls' school in Ghana here.

Harnwell College House is pleased to announce that proposals are being accepted for the undergraduate 2017-2018 College House Research Fellowship program! A research proposal in any academic field may qualify for the Fellowship. The winning Fellow, selected by the House senior staff, will receive a monetary award of $1500, paid over an 18 month period (January 2017 – May 2018). This person will also carry the title “Harnwell College House Research Fellow”.

Application Deadline
The deadline for Harnwell residents is December 5, 2016 (don't be concerned if you see a different date on the CHAS-wide application). Winning proposals will be announced by CHAS no later than January 13, 2017.

To apply, please complete this webform by December 5. Applications will be reviewed by the Harnwell Senior Staff.

Goals of the Program

• To involve more undergraduates in original research

• To provide instruction on how to put together a fellowship or research proposal

• To increase student contact with faculty inside and out of the College Houses

• To build intellectual community within and across the Houses

• To give students tools for success that they can use inside and outside of the classroom (not only writing and research, but also public presentation/speaking, peer mentoring, and event planning)


All sophomores and juniors in Harnwell are eligible. A research proposal in any academic field, and at any stage of development, may qualify for this research fellowship; research beginners are welcome to apply as long as they have an interesting idea and lots of enthusiasm.

Role of the College House Research Fellow

Every College House Research Fellow will serve as a mentor to other undergraduates, particular residents of the House that selected him or her. They will have the responsibility for planning and organizing one or two informal research events per semester for College House residents. In addition, the research fellow will contribute to the Penn Previews Research Symposium (as either a planner or presenter).

Each individual College House may further define the role of their particular research fellow, who may be asked, for instance, to present their research to other residents, or to help mentor the candidates preparing to apply for the following year's research fellow position.

Sometime after they are selected, the research fellows will receive a short list of dates to hold the following spring semester for dinners and meetings with other College House Research Fellows, as well a the date for the Penn Previews Symposium.

All Fellows will be actively mentored by faculty and staff in College Houses as well as the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF).

More information about the expectations and responsibilities of a College House Research Fellow can be found here:

Fellowship Expectations and Responsibilities 

Visit the CHAS website to learn more.