Our Regular Events

Tuesday Night Probasco Family Dinners

Named in honor of Gaylord Probasco Harnwell, Probasco Family Dinners are a 18-year tradition in our community. A meal is shared amongst Harnwellians in the Rooftop Lounge on Tuesday nights. Residents have the opportunity to sign up in the Harnwell House Office throughout the week. Attendance is capped at 50 residents. Be green and bring your own plate, cup, and utensils.

Leadership Roundup with House Fellow Dr. Adriana Perez

Bi-weekly group discussions with Dr. Perez in the Classroom will focus on building a strong network of peers, ready to lead Life after Harnwell at Penn.  Topics will enhance the capacity and the competency of students to be effective and engaged leaders (wherever you work and live).

The Drawing Workshop with House Fellow Ivanco Talevski

The goal of the Drawing Workshop at Harnwell is to provide residents an opportunity to engage in drawing based projects and expand their understanding of visual representation and visual thinking frameworks. Participants will develop a wide range of projects in various mediums and explore drawing as a way of thinking.

Casual College House Conversations with Dr. Kent Bream

The Breams are home. Need a break from the group project, studying, or GBM? Stop by 2303 for a cup of tea. We look forward to catching up and hearing what is going on in your life.

Pasagna with the Fava-Bream Family

The Fava Bream household has the belief that any good italian dish has four ingredients or fewer. Whether Pizza, Pasta, or Pasagna, we keep it simple. You are invited to come have home cooked Italian.

Arts House Showcase

The annual Arts House Showcase, which features local artists – visual, musical, performance – is Harnwell’s gallery and theater space in the spring. This is the chance for young artists to shine, showcasing the work and talents of Harnwellians and Quakers alike!