Our Regular Events

Monday Night Probasco Family Dinners

Named in honor of Gaylord Probasco Harnwell, Probasco Family Dinners are a 13-year tradition in our community. Each week on Monday night at 6:15 PM in the Rooftop Lounge residents will be invited to come dine at a family style meal. Be green and bring your own plate, cup, and utensils to skip the line!

Wednesday Night Makin' Breaks

Take a break from your work to get your creativity flowing and hang out with your fellow Harnwellians!  Stay tuned for our bi-weekly creative activity where we'll have everything you need to make your own masterpiece.

Leadership Roundup with House Fellow Dr. Adriana Perez

Bi-weekly group discussions with Dr. Perez in the Classroom will focus on building a strong network of peers, ready to lead Life after Harnwell at Penn.  Topics will enhance the capacity and the competency of students to be effective and engaged leaders (wherever you work and live).