Arts House

Can art serve as a form of social change? This call challenges residents to be more than consumers of the arts, but rather view the arts as a way to create positive change in the world around them. Through the Arts House, residents will have the chance to learn about culturally diverse artistic experiences, gaining an understanding of how art can serve as a form of cultural and social expression of various lived identities.  

Floor: 12, GA-led

Arts House residents have participated (and plan to participate) in the following programs:

Renowned Shows and Performers:

  • Live 20th Year Tour of Rent the Musical and delved into discussions about art and gender identity
  • The Wiz – an important pop cultural moment in the 1970s with an all-Black cast retelling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock – 3x Grammy Award nominated group of all-woman, African-American a cappella ensemble who focused on issues racial empowerment, social change, and becoming stewards of our environment.
  • Lila Downs – Renowned Mexican Singer and Song-Writer focused on traditional and popular music (in partnership with LARP, the Latin American Residential Program at Harnwell)
  • A Streetcar Named Desire – A classical theatrical retelling of Tennessee William’s famous work
  • The Nutcracker 1776 - Based on the Tchaikovsky’s holiday classic, this is an adaptation of the Nutcracker based in colonial Philadelphia.
  • Philadelphia Magic Gardens - with an engaging tour on the rich history and significance of the beautiful mosaics found in the museum and across Philadelphia
  • The Philadelphia Orchestra in a performance of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 7 with conductor Rafael Payare and clarinetist Ricardo Morales 
  • Van Gogh Immersive Experience - a virtual reality exhibit of Van Gogh’s paintings

Classic Philadelphia Events:

  • You will have the opportunity to experience highlights of Philadelphia’s artistic offerings, such as: Opera on the Mall, First Friday gallery openings, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and theater performances.

Harnwell Specific Arts:

  • Arts-Focused Speaker Series – Pair Artistic Viewings with Deep Dive discussions about art
  • Contribute to Arts House’s Exhibition of Student Artwork Permanent Collection
  • Annual Arts House Showcase, which features local artists – visual, musical, performance – in Harnwell’s gallery and theater spaces in the spring. This is the chance for young artists to shine!

This program is well-suited for students who are curious about experiencing different forms of art, are dedicated to the mission of art advocacy, and are seeking intellectual and personal growth.

To apply:

If you are applying to a Program Community, determine if you would like to request a roommate, but keep in mind that your roommate must also be accepted to the Program Community.

Students of any gender can be roommates if they all elect to be in Gender-Neutral Housing.


For more detailed information on the Program Community application and process please visit


Please note that all applicants are required to respond to the following questions in an essay using a maximum of 500 words:

        Why are you interested in joining this Program Community?

        What would your involvement bring to this program’s overall experience?

        How have you participated in your current House community?

Applications will be reviewed by Harnwell Senior Staff and RAGAs affiliated with the Arts House Program. In order for an application to be seriously considered, it is highly encouraged that the essay reflects the uniqueness of the Program. If needed, Harnwell Senior Staff and RAGAs reserve the right to reach out to applicants clarifying room requests and additional concerns.

Contact:, please include "Arts House" in the subject header.