Welcome to Harnwell College House

On behalf of the faculty, fellows, staff and residents, we warmly welcome you to Harnwell College House online. The second of the three skyscraper Houses to be built in the early 1970s, today's Harnwell is the home of four Program Communities: Arts House, Ancient Studies/University Museum, Eco-House, and Cultures Collective, comprising East Asia House, the Latin American Program, and the International Program. These program communities embrace international and cultural distinctiveness and give the House a feel all its own. Harnwell boasts a variety of performance and arts related facilities, and activities are frequently planned to bring artists and different cultural perspectives right to the residents here in the House. With seasonal air conditioning and apartment-style living, Harnwell is home to about 800 people. Please explore our website and learn more about our great collegiate community at the University of Pennsylvania.


Prof. Kent Bream, Faculty Director