Room Reservation Policy

For Harnwellians, the following rooms are available for reservation through our House website:

  • Dungeon [capacity: 80]
  • M-10 Classroom [capacity: 40]
    • Available via reservation only
  • M-21 A Cappella Anteroom
    • Serves students for a cappella rehearsals
  • LL-12 [capacity: 6]
    • Serves students for vocal rehearsals
  • Small study room 103 [capacity: 8]
    • Availble via reservation only
  • Large study room 102 [capacity 16]


Please submit these requests at least 72 Hours (3 days) and no more than 2 weeks in advance of your event. No same-day requests will be approved.  Additionally, any requests submitted after 4pm on Fridays will not be processed until the following Monday (reservation requests are not monitored or processed over the weekends). 


The rooms listed below are also available to Harnwellians, but reservations require additional documentation:

  • Dungeon kitchen [capacity: 8]
    • Available via reservation only
    • Only after approval from the House office and confirmation that a staff member is available to assist your event
  • LL-13 [capacity: 10]
    • Available via reservation only
    • Serves students for instrumental rehearsals. Vocal rehearsals should apply for LL-12
    • Residents must first be on grand piano list, which comes from scheduling a meeting with the House Dean through
  • Dance Gallery [capacity: 40]
    • The Dance Gallery will have regular standing reservations most nights. When the room is not reserved, a Harnwell resident may checkout the key from the Info Center for two (2) hours. For groups looking for a standing reservation, you must fill out this form. Performing Arts groups who regularly use this space must give back to the House. All DAC groups are required to participate in our Arts House Showcase. Groups who failed to do so will result in revocation of dance gallery privileges.


***Harnwell is currently no-longer accepting room reservations for the Rooftop Lounge.***

Reservation requests for the Rooftop Lounge must be made at least two months in advance. All requests will be reviewed by the House Office in consideration with House needs, scheduling, and availability of staff.

  • Rooftop Lounge [capacity: 150]
    • Events that can be offered as a House event (open and free to Harnwellians) are encouraged. Events that are private will incur a $250 fee.
    • All RA and GA events will take priority over outside organizations. 



Room Use Guidelines:

  • Rooms are available for reservation from 8:00 am to 11:00PM, Monday through Friday.
  • For rooms containing dry erase boards, we require dry erase boards to be cleaned by the conclusion of the reservation. Notes may not be saved on the dry erase boards.
  • Trash and recycling must be removed from furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) and floors and placed in appropriate receptacles by the end of the reservation.
  • All personal items should be removed from the room at the end of the reservation.


Failure to comply with Harnwell’s space guidelines will result in the restricted use of our spaces by the individual who reserved the space and/or their group. Room request submission infers agreement to these expectations.


The complete room reservation policy click here.