Asian/Asian American Program Community

The Asian/Asian American Program Community aims to bring together both students that identify as part of the Asian and/or Asian American community, or who have an interest in learning more about the needs and concerns of this community. Through connections with academic and co-curricular resources, this Program Community focuses on community building through personal and group reflection, programming, and connection to both campus and off campus opportunities.

Program Goals:

• To open an additional space aside from academic coursework or involvement in student groups to explore Asian and Asian American topics
• To promote deeper reflection on Asian and Asian American identity, especially the diversity of experiences that the community tries to encompass
• To connect students to other resources on campus for exploring Asian and Asian American identity, as well as the field of Asian American studies
• To support opportunities for students to participate in events on campus and in Philadelphia together

Participation Expectations:

Participants will be expected to participate in programs organized by the PC RA and to take a leadership role in developing programs throughout the year.

Sample Events and Traditions:

Drawing from the former East Asia Program Community, this will be the first year for the Asian/Asian American Program Community, so residents can expect to be heavily involved with shaping the direction of this residential experience and involved in the development of new traditions. We will attend programs on campus, connect with the rich Asian and Asian American communities in Philadelphia through festivals, community service opportunities, academic resources, and more.

Location: 18th floor in Harnwell (17th floor for overflow)
Bed Count: all of the beds on the 17th and 18th floor
Amenities: n/a
Website Link:

Essay or Application Requirements:

- Why are you interested in living as part of the Asian/Asian American Program Community?
- What do you want to gain from participating in the Asian/Asian American Program Community?

The results of this submission may be viewed at: