Kent Bream

Faculty Director

Kent Bream, Adele Fava, Emma J. Fava Bream, and Thomas E. Fava Bream live on the twenty third floor. Adele and Kent met at Penn in the College House system as undergraduates, where they lived in Stouffer College House (he was in F, she was in E).  Emma was born in 2007 and Thomas in 2009 making them the youngest Harnwell residents.

Adele was born in Torino, Italy. She grew up in France, the US, Brazil and Italy. Adele graduated from Wharton studying finance and marketing. She has worked in management consulting focusing on the insurance sector throughout Europe and the US.  She has several years of international project experience in business sectors of banking, automotive, paper, consumer products, publishing, and aerospace.

Kent was born in rural Pennsylvania. He grew up in PA and Maryland. He graduated from the College with a degree in Comparative Literature. He went to med school after Penn and now teaches Family Medicine, public health, and community medicine. He works at the Bernett L. Johnson Sayre Health Center and directs the Guatemala Health Initiative.  Kent’s research area focuses on health care and distribution of health care resources in remote or poor communities in the US and globally. He is committed to education at all levels and is happy to work with students as they pursue their education and goals.

Emma J. and Thomas E. were born in Philadelphia.  They continue to grow up in West Philly and Torino, Italy (where they spend their summers with their grandparents).

Adele and Kent are fascinated by culture. Adele has done work in the US, Italy, France, Portugal, Central and South America and the UK.  Kent has done work in Alaska, an Indian reservation on the border of Canada, and internationally in Central and South America and Southern Africa.

For Harnwell, the Fava Breams look forward to making Harnwell the # 1 community in the Village. Stop by if you want to think about culture, health, life as a consultant, or normal growth and development of children