Ivanco Talevski

College House Fellow

Ivanco Talevski is interdisciplinary artist and educator. Talevski is a faculty fellow at the Harnwell College House. He teaches drawing, painting and printmaking courses at the Undergraduate Program of Fine Arts and Design at the Weitzman School of Design at The University of Pennsylvania. Talevski runs the Drawing Workshop at Harnwell, a platform that provides Harnwell residents an opportunity to engage in drawing-based projects and expand their understanding of visual representation and visual thinking frameworks.


The Drawing Workshop at Harnwell aims to provide residents and staff across college houses, both in-person and virtual, an opportunity to engage in drawing-based projects and introduce topics around visual representation and visual thinking frameworks. The workshops are led by Harnwell Faculty Fellow, Ivanco Talevski, who teaches drawing and painting courses at the Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design Program at the Weitzman School of Design. Sessions include demos, slide talks, field trips to the PMA, drawing at the bio-pond, and critiques and conversations. At the end of the semester, the workshop will culminate in a virtual public exhibition of selected works made during this semester's drawing sessions. This semester, The Drawing Workshop is also proud to collaborate with the Harnwell Arts House Program Community and The Rodin Arts Collective.
The theme for this Fall will be a semester-long drawing project called Composing Spaces. Participants will work on a single drawing that will combine multiple interventions and will explore concepts around constructing pictorial spaces. The video features Faculty Fellow Ivanco Talevski explaining sighting and measuring. The video is part of an asynchronous module available on The Drawing Workshop's Canvas site. Please contact Professor Talevski at ivancot@design.upenn.edu for more information.