Women's March Philadelphia 2018


Join Harnwell as we head over to the Women's March on Saturday, January 20th. We will be meeting in the Lobby at 10:00am, so please be prompt. Tokens for transportation will be provided to and from the March.

This event is open and encouraged to all gender identities. It is a geat opportunity to show solidarity for important issues even if you don't identify as a women-- Women's Rights are Human Rights. If you're wondering why this March is happening to begin with, please consider that:

  • Only 32 out of 500 CEOs are Women
  • Women, though half the population, only make up 20% of Congress
  • Women are more likely to live in poverty
  • Women earn 79 cents to a man's dollar
  • 10 million women a year are victims of domestic violence

If you plan on attending, please email Floor 8 GA Pearl Lo (pearllo@sas.upenn.edu) so she can get tokens for you. For more information on the March, check out http://www.womensmarchphl.com/. Hope to see you all there!


Saturday January 20th, 2018
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM