Collection Boxes

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It is the intent of Harnwell College House always to provide maximum service to the residents of the House. This includes making space available to outside groups for collections and charity fundraisers. We ask that groups who wish to place a collection box in our lobby adhere to the following policies below:

  1. Collection boxes and charity drives requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to approval by the House administration.
  2. Requests for collection boxes or charity drives must be submitted to the House Office at least two weeks prior to the collection start date.
  3. Harnwell College House reserves the right to cancel or deny a collection box or charity drive request at any time.
  4. Only one collection or charity drive may take place in Harnwell College House at a time.
  5. The designated location of collection boxes or charity drives is in the lower lobby adjacent to the glass security doors. Collection boxes placed in other locations may be removed or discarded by housekeeping.