Biosciences Community

Residents of the Biosciences Community will be a diverse cohort of individuals passionate for making a difference in the natural sciences, who share a similar interest in either scientific research, medical education or a combination of both. The community program offers a unique space for these individuals to collaborate and work on STEM projects that are directly relevant for their professional scientific careers. The program offers residents the opportunity to participate in discussions with faculty and the medical and graduate schools, as well as the chance to participate in hands on learning experiences at Penn’s medical school (such as learning about human anatomy, ultrasound techniques, medical school interviewing strategies, etc.). The philosophy of our program is that students pursuing a career in STEM, particularly in the natural biosciences, have a unique workload and will benefit from a tight-knit group of supportive peers.

Students interested in living in the Biosciences Community must submit a short personal statement outlining their interest in this unique living environment. This community is well suited for students who are considering a career in biomedical research, scientific education, or medicine. Residents must have an interest in learning more about human health and disease, and the scientific principles that underlie modern biology. Residents will engage in a variety of exciting activities and workshops to enhance their experience throughout the academic school year.

Floor: 4, GA-led

Signature Programs

  1. Human anatomy lab sessions
  2. Dinner and tea events with esteemed scientists, physicians, and faculty members
  3. Hands-on ultrasound lessons at the Perelman School of Medicine
  4. Surgical simulation and suturing session with PennMed surgeons and residents
  5. Pre-health career advising with medical students, residents, and faculty
  6. Exclusive opportunities to attend conferences with physicians, researchers, and medical innovators

Program Expectations

  1. Students must be willing to reach out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves intellectually. 
  2. They must be committed to supporting their peers during academically strenuous times, and be actively involved in designing events for their fellow residents.
  3. They must have an active interest in the life sciences.

To Apply:

Application instructions will be outlined on this page soon.  Residents will be expected to submit a brief statement of interest (no more less than 150 words).

If you are applying to a Program Community, determine if you would like to request a roommate, but keep in mind that your roommate must also be accepted to the Program Community.

Students of any gender can be roommates if they all elect to be in Gender-Neutral Housing.

For more detailed information on the Program Community application and process please visit is external).


Please note that all applicants are required to respond to the following questions in an essay using a maximum of 500 words:

Why are you interested in joining this Program Community?

What would your involvement bring to this program’s overall experience?

How have you participated in your current House community?

Applications will be reviewed by Harnwell Senior Staff and RAGAs affiliated with the Biosciences Community. In order for an application to be seriously considered, it is highly encouraged that the essay reflects the uniqueness of the Program. If needed, Harnwell Senior Staff and RAGAs reserve the right to reach out to applicants clarifying room requests and additional concerns.

Contact: sends e-mail), please include "Biosciences Community" in the subject header.